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Kim Heng Ltd (“Kim Heng” or the “Company”) is committed to conducting business by legal and fair means.  Accordingly, the Company and its Board have no tolerance for bribery and corruption in its business.  Effective management of Kim Heng’s anti-bribery and corruption measures requires the contributions and participation of the Audit Committee, Board of Directors, the Company’s management and its employees.  It is Kim Heng’s goal to achieve the highest levels of corporate ethics and transparency through sound corporate governance and appropriate internal controls. Kim Heng has developed an anti-bribery and corruption policy to provide guidance to all management and staff in the mitigation of the risks of bribery and corruption consistently with regulatory requirements and marketplace expectations.


At Kim Heng, we act in line with our code of ethics to enhance our corporate value. This allows us to build strong relationships with our suppliers, customers, investors and employees. We are committed to the compliance of legal standards and promote the practices of corporate and social responsibility and transparency.

Overall, we maintain honesty, integrity and deliver high quality standards to foster a conducive and robust working environment.

  • Adhere to legal standards on dealing in securities, contracts and any other provisions. We will abide by governing laws and regulations, both domestic and international.
  • Act with honesty, transparency and sincerity. We will hold investor interests with utmost importance and provide precise and timely disclosure of information to our suppliers, investors, customers, employees and regulatory authorities.
  • Act with the highest standards of fairness, integrity and reliability. We will strive to ensure protection of the privacy of our customers and no information shall be disclosed without prior consent. We will practice fair competition and promote an appropriate corporate culture which provides equal opportunity to all our employees.
  • We promote accountability and safety. We will take the necessary measures to safeguard the health and safety of our employees. We will uphold environmental safety and encourage corporate and social responsibility.
  • Each employee shall be held accountable for the full compliance with Kim Heng’s Code of Ethics with respect to any issue within their control.

The provisions of this Code can be amended and improved from time to time by resolution of the Board of Directors.