Board Of Directors

Thomas Tan
Executive Chairman & CEO

Thomas Tan is the Executive Chairman and CEO of Kim Heng. He currently serves as a director for the companies within the Group. He was appointed to the Board on 20 May 2013.

He joined the Group in 1978 as an apprentice and was involved in ship repair and maintenance and also the operations department of our Company in the chartering of vessels including rig towages, engaging in loading of steel structures, fabrication/ installation of modules as well as in the ship supplies and chandelling business. Thomas Tan rose through the ranks over the years to head the marketing and operations department. From 1998 until present, Thomas Tan has been responsible for overall operations, shipbuilding, rig contruction, sales and marketing activities, customer service, securing new projects and negotiating contracts for the Group.

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Thomas Tan<br>Executive Chairman & CEO

Choo Kee Siong
Non-Executive Director 

Mr. Choo Kee Siong was appointed as Non-Executive Director of the Company on 1 September 2022. Mr. Choo is a member of the Audit and Risk Committee, Nominating Committee, and Remuneration Committee.

Mr. Choo is currently the executive director and CEO of Hildrics Capital Pte Ltd., a private equity fund manager registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore, focusing on direct investments into mid-sized and established companies in Southeast Asia and Singapore. Prior to Hildrics Capital, he was the Managing Director and Head of Industry Groups, Group Commercial Banking of United Overseas Bank (UOB), where he was responsible for UOB’s portfolio of mid-cap companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia for a period of 13 years. He was also appointed as UOB representative for InnoVen, a joint venture between UOB and Temasek that focuses on providing venture debt to start-ups and fast-growing companies across India, China and Southeast Asia since its inception in 2015.

Mr. Choo holds a degree in business management from Southern Illinois University and MBA from Dubuque University. Mr. Choo was conferred the title of IBF Fellow by the Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore in November 2014.

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Choo Kee Siong<br>Non-Executive

Tan Kok Kiong Andrew
Independent Director  

Mr Andrew Tan is an Independent Director of Kim Heng and was appointed to the Board on 17 March 2023. He was Managing Director with Temasek International, a global investment firm headquartered in Singapore.

He joined as an Operating Partner in the Enterprise Development Group as well as Managing Director of Strategy Office and Institutional Relations from year 2019 to 2022.

Prior to joining Temasek International, he was with the Singapore Administrative Service for nearly three decades in senior positions and key roles across various government agencies from defence, foreign affairs, environment to transport. He was the Chief Executive Officer of the National Environment Agency from year 2009 to 2013 and CEO of Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore from year 2014 to 2018.

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Tan Kok Kiong Andrew<div>Independent Director  </div>

Tran Phuoc (Lucas)
Independent Director  

Mr Lucas was appointed as an Independent Director of the Company on 27 March 2023. Mr Lucas is a qualified Chartered Accountant with over thirty-five years of public accounting experience.

He was a partner with KPMG Singapore from year 2000 until his retirement in year 2020. He has extensive experience in public accounting which includes auditing, advising on financial reporting matters as well as regulatory compliance matters relating to the Companies Act and SGX-ST listing rules, IPO, restructuring exercises, due diligence and merger and acquisitions.

Mr Lucas is a member of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) and holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of New South Wales, Australia. He is also a member of the Singapore Institute of Directors.

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Tran Phuoc (Lucas)<div>Independent Director  </div>

Key Management

Tan Wen Hao Justin Anderson 
Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Mr Justin Tan joined the company in August 2014, spearheading the corporate and business development segments of the Company and was involved in the day to day operations of the Group under the tutelage of the senior management. He was appointed as a General Manager of the Company in October 2015. Currently, he is overseeing the shipyard operations, its heavy equipment business, the marine & offshore vessel charter & operations and horizontal directional drilling.

Mr Justin Tan holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Business Economics from the University of Exeter.

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Tan Wen Hao Justin Anderson <br>Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Yeo Seh Hong Lilian
Chief Operating Officer
Oilfield Services

Ms Yeo Seh Hong is the Chief Operating Officer of the Group. She was previously with AMF Tuboscope Inc. from 1978 to 1985 where she prepared technical inspection reports and handled commercial enquiries. From 1985 to 1988, she was an operations foreman with T.D Inspection Pte Ltd overseeing the Southeast Asia inspection division for offshore & onshore rigs.

She first began her career with the Group in 1988 and has, over the years, held various positions as materials manager, business development manager and general manager. She is currently managing the Group’s oilfield & drilling customers, handling their commercial enquiries for oilfield products and services such as agency, mooring, drilling tubulars and drilling equipment.

Ms Yeo Seh Hong completed her formal education at Sekolah Menegah Perempuan Jalan Ipoh Kuala Lumpur in 1974 and obtained her Secretarius Certificate from ATT Singapore in 1976.

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Yeo Seh Hong Lilian<br>Chief Operating Officer<br>Oilfield Services

Nick Lim Weiming 
Chief Financial Officer

Mr Nick Lim Weiming joined the group in March 2014 and was promoted to the Group’s Chief Financial Officer on 22 December 2020 where he is responsible for overseeing the financial and management accounting, compliance and taxation matters. He brings with him more than 17 years of experience in accountancy, auditing and finance.

He had held various audit and financial management positions at various multinational companies and SMEs.

Mr Lim obtained his Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Sydney in 2003. He is a member of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants and CPA Australia.

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Nick Lim Weiming <br>Chief Financial Officer

Tan Keng Hoe Melvin
Chief Technical Officer

Mr Tan Keng Hoe Melvin serves as the Chief Technical Officer of the Group and is responsible for overseeing the engineering division of the group. He supports Mr Justin Tan and Ms Yeo Seh Hong Lilian in the technical demands of all projects & operations to ensure that the Group’s competency. His first stint with the Group was managing its Marine Division.

Mr Tan Keng Hoe Melvin then moved on to assume various logistical roles in leading drilling contractor companies in the Oil & Gas industry before rejoining the Group in May 2010.

Mr Tan Keng Hoe Melvin holds a diploma in Business Management from the University of Bradford.

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Tan Keng Hoe Melvin<br>Chief Technical Officer