Owner & Operator of 2 shipyards in Singapore

Kim Heng Ship Building & Engineering is a shipbuilding and repair company based in Singapore that operates two shipyards. They specialize in building specialized and niche vessels, including pipe-laying vessels, power generation barges, tugs, flat-top barges, spud barges with 4 & 6 point mooring, aluminum boats, and pilot boats for customers globally.

In addition to shipbuilding, they also specialize in a wide variety of turnkey projects, including structural steel fabrication, piping, blasting, painting and electrical work, marine accommodation systems, EPIC, EPCC of LQ modules, E-houses, and process modules. They have established themselves as a specialist contractor in offering all-encompassing solutions to their clients.


New Build Vessels

  • APC Aussie 1 – 292 men piping laying vessel
  • McDermott – LB 31 Piping laying barge
  • Split Hopper Barge

Retrofit and Conversion

  • MV Karadeniz Powership Alican Bey – Conversion of power barge
  • Jascon 25 vessel – Retrofit of DP3 heavy lift
  • DSTA Project – Barge modification for Singapore Navy

Offshore Structures Fabrication

  • DYNA-MAC Engineering Services – Barossa Superstructure Fabrication
  • Keppel FELS – Fabrication and Installation of Sponson
  • Sembcorp Marine – Assembly of Pipe Rack PR04 Module

Afloat Repair Works

  • Noble – Thruster Installation
  • CSVA Transcura – External Side Shell Repair
  • Winposh 3301 Barge – Repair Works

Docking Works

  • Marine vessel Dry Dock Survey/SPS works
  • Major Retrofitting & Conversion
  • Underwater works entanglement & repair


AMF provide turnkey accommodation solutions, design, and consultation for the oil & gas and offshore marine industry, including new building, conversion, and repair projects.

Led by an experienced management team, we are highly adept at delivering comprehensive services for upstream, midstream, and downstream projects.

For more information, please contact Jason Lim @ jason.lim@amf.com.sg.


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Kim Heng Business

Offshore Renewable Construction

HDD entails the implementation of a dirigible, trenchless technique and design for the installation of underground cables and pipelines. Kim Heng being an experience turnkey HDD contractor, is capable to undertake the seamless integration of Front End Engineering Design (FEED) by offering a one stop solution on outfall projects. 

Marine Construction

Upon confirmation on the types of foundations to be used at site, Kim Heng can undertake the full turnkey construction project in our very own fabrication shipyards which are equipped with modern construction facilities and machineries to fabricate customized large steel structures and equipment.

Shipbuilding & Engineering

As part of a good maintenance program throughout the entire project lifespan, Kim Heng can provide self-constructed, locally flagged and operated CTV vessels and offshore support vessels equipped with walk to work gangway to ferry GWO-trained service engineers and technicians to service offshore wind turbine operation.

Offshore Chartering, Towage & Transportation

Our long term strategy is to enhance our competitiveness & capabilities to own and operate a comprehensive fleet of AHTS, AHT, Tugs & Barges and Fast Crafts to provide anchor handling operation and other support services for your offshore operation needs.

Offshore Oilfield Services

With over 50 years of marine & offshore experience, Kim Heng has been a trusted partner in the provision of port agency services, rig towage & mobilization, rig repair, steel structure fabrication and maintenance of rig drilling tubulars & equipment.